Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Thousand Steps in Batu Caves, Malaysia

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Would you accept the challenge to step a thousand staircase in Batu Caves?

Batu Caves is one of the famous tourist destination at Kuala Lumpur area. The limestone forming Batu Caves is said to be around 400 million years old (source: Wikipedia). It was once being promoted as a place of worship by an Indian Trader, K. Thamboosamy Pillai. Since then, it has been used as a place for some of Indian tradition such as Thaipusam, until now it is been formed as a sacred Hindu temple. I planned my trip to visit there with my father and my 2 sisters. So excited to visit another historical site!

On our way to Batu Caves, I could see a huge statue from far along the road. Behind the statue there is a hill with the cave inside, in which they later called as Batu Caves. The taxi driver told us that there are two entrances, main and side entrance. We entered from a side entrance. On the entrance, we also saw another big statue, not as big as the main one though, but enough for us to see that they like to build a huge statue. All of the huge statue there was carved by the local. Only the statue located inside the cave was brought straight from India, of course it is not as huge or as big as the one carved by the local.

Batu Caves
See how high it is??
We walked from the entrance door towards the cave direction. There were a lot of people sell the offer to the god in the forms of flower, fruits, also they sold souvenirs for the tourist. When we reached the temple entrance, we still need to climb up the stairs onto top of the hill to reach inside the cave. It looked as if we need to climb the stairs of a very high building. The stairs looks stiff and it was in a straight direction, no left or right. However, I saw a lot of senior citizen climb up and down the stairs, so how could we be discouraged! We climbed the stairs one by one until reached the top, it was not bad though, not as hard as we thought. P.S, be careful when climbing the stairs, as there were a lot of monkey around.

Come on, you are almost there..!

The view inside the cave was simply stunning. The limestone on top of the cave ceiling has formed something like a stalactite.  What made it more beautiful is the reflection of light that came from the spotlight or from the sunshine fell from above. The cave was huge, I bet there were a lot of people did a meditation in here.

Interior of Batu Caves
Temple Inside

As it is regarded as a sacred Hindu Temple, there is no such thing as entrance fees, A.K.A it's free, how cool is that! Except there are some museum around the cave area (outside the cave), which are not free.

To get here, we could go by LRT, Terminal Putra LRT and alight at the Batu Caves station. It's a long distance journey, if we take from the town area, probably takes more than an hour time. Or if you don't want to get hassle, you could opt for a taxi, though if you take from Batu Cave, they will charge you much more. Or, you could call for a taxi, most of the time, they will charge the passenger based on taxi meter rate.


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