Monday, April 1, 2013

Muzium Negara Kuala Lumpur (National Museum Malaysia)

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Back again to Malaysia, and now I would like to share with you one great place in Malaysia that should not be missed when you are here. It is a National Museum of Malaysia or in a local word Muzium Negara Kuala Lumpur. For some of you, it may sounds a bit boring. But its really not bad after all. This museum is really something in Malaysia, out of what it is expected from a typical normal boring museum. What can I say is that they (government in Malaysia) really taking care of this Museum, and putting some of the good stuff in here.

Entrance Gate

Coming here is really recommended for friends activities, tourist activities, and especially for family activities. It gives an idea of Malaysia Historical Era, from stone era where people still leave at cave, historical Malaysian Kingdom, and until the modern Era. And as usual, it also display some of historical heritage, as well as Qur'an.

If we go outside the main building, we could also see some other unique places, offer a broader range of Malaysia historical era. Such as, Istana Satu (One Palace), Muzium Orang Asli (Aboriginal Museum), also, I found out that this museum is just beside Malaysian Planetarium. So, well, you could visit the Planetarium after finish visiting this museum. But, beware though, the planetarium is closed quite early in the afternoon, around 4pm. I could use half a day just to visit the whole area of the Museum, and found out that Planetarium has already closed. Well, at least then I still have a destination place to visit next time.. :)

Royal Throne of Kesultanan Perak

Royal Throne of Kesultanan Perak

OK, everywhere I go, I will always try to find, what is the specialty that it has to offer :). For this Museum, when we go inside it has already quite special, with its arrangement and what it has to offer, I could say that Malaysian government is really put their best effort to make it looks so unique as compared to any other Museum. But the most unique thing of this Museum is the view of Royal Throne of Kesultanan Perak (above picture)It really gives a great idea of how the Malaysian Throne looks like.

Some of the heritage

Colonial Era

Istana Satu

This Museum is located so strategically, near Dataran Merdeka, where some of the other historical landmark is located. So, hell yeah, when you visit Malaysia, do not forget to visit this place :). Another important info, the price range to visit this whole place is quite cheap. If I am not wrongly remember, it is around RM3.

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