Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore

When you plan your trip to Singapore, especially for those who really enjoy the thrill of roller-coasters, don't forget to slot in One-Day USS Trip into your holiday schedule. So, here i am, with my 4 other friends, enjoying all the rides in USS. We need the whole day, from morning till dawn, to conquer all the rides, so,, enjoy! :)

New York.. New York.. New York..

Hollywood Walk of Fame


The Madagaskar Ride
USS Landscape

Battlestar Galactica Roller Coaster (Blue: Cyclon; Red: Human)


The Lost World

Below Mummy

MUMMY REVENGE (Roller Coaster)

A Walk to Mummy Revenge


Shrek Ride

The Gingerbread Man

There are a lot more rides that you should not missed out, especially the Transformer ride. But I had no chance to take the picture, as we only have very little time.  It is really the best ride ever, but longest queue among the others. But its worth waiting :). And one thing I really like about USS, is that for all very thriling ride, they only put in such a short duration (such as Battlestar Galactica), so you will not feel scared to try the ride again. Also, USS keeps upgrading their ride, so every time visitors will not get bored with the similar ride.

One Day Pass ticket prince is about S$74, but it is obviously worth to pay for such a ride.. :)

Cheers and Enjoy!

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