Monday, December 14, 2015

Lunch with a Lonely Mountain view in Bali? - Wouldn't Mind at All

Looking at another holiday destination in Bali that is not a beach? Kintamani might be one option I would like to recommend. It is located at north-eastern of Bali and you will need a car to reach here.
Kintamany is a village around Mount Batur area, and has been since filled with many tourists to view Mount Batur region. The weather here could be quite cooling sometimes, hence you might need a light sweater to cover your body. It is best to go here during daylight, particularly on 10:00-15:00 as it will offer the best view of the place. So normally many tourists, including us will go here for short while to get a nice lunch, mainly because of the amazing unique view that it has to offer. We didn't really do some pre-research first for which kind of restaurant we want to have a lunch at, as I thought also it was not really necessary. We were just looking at which restaurants has the most visitors, and as far as the instinct goes, we chose that restaurant. Though right now I am quite forget what was the name of  the restaurant we were visited at that time, but no worries as there were a lot of restaurants along the road offering similar kind of view and dining concept like the one we were visited.
On the restaurant, don't forget to choose the balcony area for the best view, especially when the sky is so bright and less windy. The restaurant we went offers a lunch buffet with not cheap but reasonable price (around 10USD). And by the way, without reducing the excitement, I would say that the food taste here was just normal. I would not say it was not nice, but just fit to fill your hunger. Still because of the nice view we would not really mind on the food. 
So, here are some of the lunch views that we had on the restaurant balcony area.
Lunch View Facing the Lonely Mount Batur

The Table Set

Restaurant's Balcony Area
Mount Batur and Batur Lake View


  1. huwwooo I never been visit Mount Batur :( I always stay in Kuta or Seminyak area =,=

    1. So you have a good reason to come back Bali :))

  2. Bali island is very beautiful, many resorts are nice, I really like a vacation to Bali.

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