Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Glimpse of Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2013

Swruunng.....Swrung...Swruung.. (Trying to imitate sound from Formula 1 Car Machine) Oh, so noisy and so happening around here, what's going on? That was my reaction when I went to CBD area during last weekend. And then I realized that it was the sound of the cars' machine from Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix. Wohoo..! So excited I was, even though I was not inside the event, I could feel the spirit from far away. Though I could have imagined how uncomfortably noisy it was for the people who stays near the circuit arena. But still this is one of Singapore's big and important event. How can't it be, they have prepared this from a very long time, furthermore they were using public main road in the central city area as their circuit. So it really looked like the Singapore's government had paid a big attention on this. The barricade looked very strong and firm (of course it should, as they were using main road with tall office buildings along the way). Singapore F1 Grand Prix is a night race, hence they have also set very bright lamps, on the barricade along the circuit area. At night when all the lights were up, it was so cool, you could see the circuit route very clear from above.

Ticketing Booth from Gate 5