Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Solo Female Traveler in Kuala Lumpur

Travelling is more fun with accompanies around. But it does not mean that travelling alone couldn't be fun. I have seen a lot of article about travel alone. And ever since, I have been wondering, what is it like to travel alone and do backpacking trip. As a woman who is growing up in protected parents, practically they won't let me to travel alone, so for long time I have set back this intention. Now, given a chance that I am about to do some business travelling alone to Kuala Lumpur, I spontaneously become very excited about it. Apart from doing some work, I could be given a chance to discover this new city in which I have never been to before. This is actually my very first experience of travelling alone to overseas. Excited and scared at the same time. So, I do some research about Do's and Dont's when travelling to Kuala Lumpur, and have take a note inside my head about that.. :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ladies Photography Workshop by 8 Days

Hosted by Fly Entertainment Artiste Stephanie Carrington, this event consists of 2 sections; photography talk and practical workshop, with 3 speakers; award-winning photographer Sim Chi Yin, food blogger/photographer Dr Leslie Tay, and freelance photographer Rory Daniel. They did not give much about technical stuff that you need or want to understand more about how to use a camera. But, it was more about sharing the experience, challenges and some other not-so-technical things as a photographer. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Singapore Botanic Gardens

I am not really into a gardening activity, but I could say this Botanic Garden, located in Singapore, is more than the average garden. From kids to adult, men, woman, girl, boy, and elderly, I could see all of them spending time here. Apart from picnic activity, I noticed that a lot of people do some other activity, like photography for example (like what I was doing there). I also saw some group of people were doing some orchestra and choir rehearsal, apparently, they would held an event that afternoon. 

This garden is quite big. On the front area, it looks like a normal garden, with green trees, grass that covers green field, a little lake, some kind of birds, ducks, and a lot other things. Then, when I started to go further inside, I could see little waterfall, which I had never seen it before on other garden. I continued my walk a little bit  further, and then I discovered a hidden gems in this garden. I saw a white gazebo ~ white house, which I think is so unique, to have this kinda thing inside a garden. And I saw a couple is doing a wedding photography there, well, I think is not surprising to do this kinda activity at that white gazebo.

Bukit Timah Gate

Friday, March 8, 2013

Instagram Highlights

Hope you enjoy my instagram snap!

Instagram is just great, isn't it?