Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cafe Hopping Day - PoTeaTo

What a lovely day today in Singapore! And what I love to do the most to begin my day with, is to dress nicely, go to new hangout or eating places and just simply having a nice breakfast or brunch. This time, I would like to try finding cafe which I never been to. And I am hopping at a place around Tiong Bahru area, where cafes plus hangout places located according to the information from my sister. Reaching Tiong Bahru MRT, we would need to walk further towards Yong Siak Street. As we walk through, we pass by housing and HDB area in which I thought in my mind, who would open hangout places on the neighborhood area. Yet, we see some people are walking towards the same direction, well, from the appearance, it looks like they are going to the some hangout places. So to the sign that we are going towards the right direction. Reaching at Yong Siak Street, we see few cafes with variety choices. There are quite a few people around, not so much, but I bet this place will be crowded in the afternoon. We screen through to which place we would like to have our brunch at. What I like about the cafes in Singapore is, the edgy design of its interior architecture. Even though the food taste is quite standard, and sometimes I feel quite expensive, but I still like it simply due to the artistic feeling when stepping inside the place. Finally we choose PoTeaTo Cafe, from the look and feel, it seems like the food inside is quite affordable.

Poteato Cafe
Legacy Picture Hanging on the Wall
Cafe Interior Decoration
The interior architecture of PoTeaTo is quite interesting. They do left some of its original design inside, and may be just re-polished it again. Like the green back door, or may be even to its toilet, it is quite a creative design. Talking about the food, as what I expected, the taste is quite standard, and the portion is quite normal for one person eater. We order 'The All American Breakfast' and 'The Brekkie Platter'. If you are a fan of sausage, I would suggest to order 'The Breakkie Platter' menu, you can see from the picture bellow (bottom left) the sausage is quite big. I do like sausage, but the small one though, hence I just order 'The All American Breakfast'. Talking about the price, I personally feel it is a bit more expensive than other cafe I've been to. Though I think this is quite a cheapest one if compared to the other cafe at the Yong Siak Street (yes, we do screen through on the price before we go in to the cafe). There is one funny moment, my sister is ordering hot latte to the cashier. But somehow, she remembers that she is ordering iced latte. So when our drinks come, she complaints that she is ordering iced latte, not the hot one. The waiters go back to the kitchen, and in the end giving her an iced latte and even apologize to her. After finishing our food and drinks, she then checks the receipt and realize she is the one who say to order hot latte, but then forget about it. So she call the waitress again to say that actually she forgot that she is ordering hot latte. Surprisingly the waitress know about it and say its ok, it is the house treat. I think the waitress never initially checked with the cashier what she is actually ordering and already making an iced latte for her. Anyway, we were quite pleased with it.

Outside of PoTeaTo Cafe there are other interesting cafes with its uniqueness. One of it is called Books Actually. But I think it is more for an afternoon time where someone wants to enjoy reading book plus eating small piece of cake. I would go for it someday.

Books Actually Cafe
Bicycle Straps

PoTeaTo Cafe is located at 78 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 163078.

Budget Range: S$10 ~ S$25

Cheers & Enjoy!


  1. another cute cafe, perfect for afternoon stroll :D

    1. Meidi...!! if you come to sg I'll bring u to many cute cafes!!