Monday, August 18, 2014

Enjoying Sunset and Seafood by the Beach - Jimbaran

Sunset, Seafood and Beach is a must when come to Bali! What's more is that you can enjoy it all together, enjoying the seafood right at the seafront while at the same time watching a sunset, what a perfect combo! This especially one of specialities that made Jimbaran one of the famous place in Bali. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes a long Jimbaran Beach, with specialities of seafood. We chose one of the restaurant that look promising among others, namely Menega Cafe. How did we know that, of course by judging from the number of people that came to the restaurant.

All of the restaurants here have a very similar concept, its table setting on top of the sand with the candlelight facing right to the beach. Very beautiful indeed. The beach and sand was quite clean, the sea wave was moderate, I guess these are the reasons that made Jimbaran a perfect location to set this kind of restaurant concept. 

In total there were only 6 of us, but we order a lot more than we think we could eat. Guess we were too hungry when we order it. To name it, we order 2kgs of grilled shrimp, 2 portions of big grilled fish, 2 portions of sautéed kangkong and 6 portions of rice. Not to forget, we eat this with a Balinese special sauce ("sambal Bali"), mmm, yummy! There were 2 types of sambal Bali that we tried here, 'sambal merah' and 'sambal mattah'. 'Sambal merah' seems to be a mixture of chilli, tomatoes and other Bali special condiment. While 'sambal mattah' seems to be a mixture of raw onions, chilli, salt and some vegetable oil. We order a lot of 'sambal' as it tasted just nice, not too spicy, not too salty or sweet, a perfect combination with the dishes.

The downside of this trip was that we waited quote long for the food to come, almost 1 hour if I was not wrong. Actually this trip to Jimbaran was sort of unplanned, so when we reached here most of the tables were already reserved. Luckily we got 1 for us. I guess the restaurant that we came was actually very famous among the rest. So we learned our lesson, it is better to reserve the table and order the food in advance, so we would not waste our time just waiting for the food. But overall, I still highly recommend this restaurant, aside of the waiting time, all of us were very satisfied with the food quality.