Friday, March 15, 2013

Singapore Botanic Gardens

I am not really into a gardening activity, but I could say this Botanic Garden, located in Singapore, is more than the average garden. From kids to adult, men, woman, girl, boy, and elderly, I could see all of them spending time here. Apart from picnic activity, I noticed that a lot of people do some other activity, like photography for example (like what I was doing there). I also saw some group of people were doing some orchestra and choir rehearsal, apparently, they would held an event that afternoon. 

This garden is quite big. On the front area, it looks like a normal garden, with green trees, grass that covers green field, a little lake, some kind of birds, ducks, and a lot other things. Then, when I started to go further inside, I could see little waterfall, which I had never seen it before on other garden. I continued my walk a little bit  further, and then I discovered a hidden gems in this garden. I saw a white gazebo ~ white house, which I think is so unique, to have this kinda thing inside a garden. And I saw a couple is doing a wedding photography there, well, I think is not surprising to do this kinda activity at that white gazebo.

Bukit Timah Gate

Walk an aisle to the white house

So, after I did some walk ~ piuh, felt like I have been walking for quite some distance, me and my friends did not notice that it has already almost late afternoon. We have spent quite a long time at this garden, did not expect that to be happen. But it was worth enough, especially that we discovered that little gem. 

p.s. There is actually another garden, Orchid Garden. But me and my friends were a bit tired, so we decided not to visit that..

No charge needed to go here, A.K.A its FREE! :) Except if you want to go to the Orchid Garden, you will need some dollars. To get here, you could alight at the nearest MRT station, Botanic Garden Station, on Circle Line, and take a little walk from there to reach the Bukit Timah Gate.


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