Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Solo Female Traveler in Kuala Lumpur

Travelling is more fun with accompanies around. But it does not mean that travelling alone couldn't be fun. I have seen a lot of article about travel alone. And ever since, I have been wondering, what is it like to travel alone and do backpacking trip. As a woman who is growing up in protected parents, practically they won't let me to travel alone, so for long time I have set back this intention. Now, given a chance that I am about to do some business travelling alone to Kuala Lumpur, I spontaneously become very excited about it. Apart from doing some work, I could be given a chance to discover this new city in which I have never been to before. This is actually my very first experience of travelling alone to overseas. Excited and scared at the same time. So, I do some research about Do's and Dont's when travelling to Kuala Lumpur, and have take a note inside my head about that.. :)

Being overseas and being able to taste a sip of its life are the experience that a person should appreciate. We could learn different culture, meet different people and being in different places with its unique architecture  which would give a different perception of a our way of living.  But of course, we need to always be alert, especially that we are not so familiar with the overseas environment, moreover when we are travelling alone. 

It is well-known that Kuala Lumpur is not a very safe country, especially for a female, as compared to the neighborhood country, Singapore. But it is not forbidden or not that dangerous if a woman want to do a solo travelling in Kuala Lumpur. Well, I had sort of proofing that, at least in my own experience. Of course, there are certain things or I could say rules, for this situation to be happened.

This is what I suggest;

1. Wear something polite and modest. Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia is an Islamic country. And we need at least respect this. Do not wear something sexy especially those that could arouse a man to do something. And do not wear those expensive jewelries, which obviously could invite a thief.   

2. Bring a road map and a train map. I could say that Kuala Lumpur's public transportation has so much improvement as compared to last time. It is convenient, has a stop station in a lot of important places and tourist attraction in the city and importantly, its cheap. Another suggestion though, if you plan to stay longer and move around into many places, it is better to buy a public transport card, in which you could use many times. You just need to put the money value into the card. The train has a one journey card, but most of the time you need to queue to buy this. Apart from avoiding a queuing time, we could avoid a pickpockets who could use this chance, as the place is not so big and most of the time very crowded.

3. If you might need to use a taxi, it is better to order by calling it (some taxi number available in here). Honestly I have a bit bad experience by getting taxi that just hip from the road. The guy was actually trying to ask me to go party with him, but lucky me, the destination is about to reach, so I just neglect him and go out from the taxi. And when I report this to my colleague in Kuala Lumpur, they were suggesting me to order taxi by call instead of hipping on to some random taxi from the road. Though, I am not suggesting you to take taxi, except you really need that. Apart from saving some money, also the traffic in Kuala Lumpur could get really bad at certain hour, so you could save a lot of time by taking train instead.

4. Always do some research about culture and people there.

5. Always beware of money scam, although so far I have never been experiencing this (and I hope I wont). I have seen some cases in the news whereby random people ask to change money with you, or may be provide to change money with higher rate, or sell some goodies in a very cheap price. Its best to reject this kind of offer, how tantalized it is. You would not know that it is actually just a scam or a counterfeit and in the end it would be giving you big trouble. If you would like to change money, its best to go to official money changer instead of receiving this kind of offer.

Whenever the place is, solo travelling is always fun. But bare in mind for those of you who is just started to do solo travelling for the first time, always do some research beforehand, and importantly be aware and be alert whenever you are. Sometimes it depends to our luck as well, but its best to prevent anything bad to be happened.

Happy Travelling !:)

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