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Kuala Lumpur Landmark

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As I am moving around KL city, I am snapping some photos for places that I have visited. Just sharing with you, may be it can bring an inspiration for you guys when you decide to visit Kuala Lumpur.. :)

1. Bukit Bintang and Bukit Bintang Walk

Yes, this place is very famous as an 'Orchard Road' of Kuala Lumpur. It is a heaven for shopping lovers. Getting here is very easy. You could take the Monorail and stop at Bukit Bintang Station. Once you go out from the Monorail Station, you could choose to go directly towards Bukit Bintang Walk, or choose to go to Sungei Wang. Sungei Wang is also a heaven for shopping lovers. There is a lot of choices especially for clothes, gadget and food with such an affordable price.

If we choose to go directly towards Bukit Bintang Walk, we could see a giant shop for H&M, for those H&M lovers, you will fall in love at a first sight! After pass by H&M shop, we could continue our walk across Bukit Bintang Walk. A lot of Bar, shop food, anything. And before we eventually reach Pavilion Shopping Mall, there is a lot other shopping mall along Bukit Bintang Walk. So, really it is a heaven for shopping lovers..!

Bukit Bintang Walk

At Bukit Bintang, there is a lot of choice of shopping class. They have any type of class here. From affordable price, such as at Sungei Wang Plaza and a bit more high class at Pavilion, until the price that you couldn't have imagine of buying it, which is at Starhill, unless you wouldn't mind doing that :)

Fountain in front of Pavilion

Bukit Bintang

2. Petronas KLCC

This has become one of the icon of Kuala Lumpur, so, yes, if you visit Kuala Lumpur, this is a must visit place. Inside here, there is a Suria KLCC Shopping Mall, Aquaria, and also the office building at the same time. So, we could not just go up that easily. We could go to the skybridge or the Observation Deck, which is on level 86. But the ticket to go up is also a bit pricey for tourist, around RM80. If you don't mind spending that much money, I would recommend you do that, especially to view the sunset in Kuala Lumpur.

Petronas Twin Tower
If you do not want to go up, we can always go down as well, to go to the shopping mall, which offers various shops and restaurants, with price range of middle and above. Apart from this one, you could also visit Aquaria KLCC. I got a chance to visit Aquaria, and also try the Cage Rage Program, I will tell you guys in different entry.. :)

Suria KLCC

3. Dataran Merdeka

A. Sultan Abdul Samad Building

This building landmark is located in front of Dataran Merdeka, it is one of Malaysia National Heritage and currently used as the offices of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture of Malaysia. Too bad, since it is a government office, I could not get a grant to take a look on the inside. This building is very strategically located near to a lot of other National Heritage Building, such as National Textile Museum, etc. Just to let you guys know, there is a free guided tour along Dataran Merdeka, to visits all other historical landmark, but it is only available on certain time. You could check here, for further details :). The nearest Train Station to get here is Masjid Jamek Station, which could be reach along Putra LRT.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

B. National Textile Museum

This building is located just beside Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Different with Sultan Abdul Samad Building, this building is a Museum, so we could go and take a look on the inside. There is not much people go into this museum, as compared to any other museum. As its name, inside this museum has textile 'story' from historical until the modern Era. 

National Textile Museum - Muzium Textil Negara

Inside National Textile Museum

C. Kuala Lumpur Library

I kinda like this library building and the surroundings, it feels so classic and artistic. I do not have a chance to go inside though, as it is closed when the time I visit that area. This building is located near Dataran Merdeka, and the National Textile Museum.

Kuala Lumpur Library

D. KL City Gallery

This is by far my most favorite place among others located near Dataran Merdeka. Classic, artistic, orderly mannered, I have made a feature on this place on the other entry, you could see it here

Kuala Lumpur City Galerry

So, that is all about some of Kuala Lumpur Landmark in which I have visited. Hope you guys enjoy it! If there are other interesting places which you guys have visited or which you think it's worth to visit, please feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below.. :)



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