Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One day at Changi Jetty, Pasir Ris

Singapore, a small little country, yet it offers a lot of things to explore. I have been here for quite some time and thought that I have known each part of it, but actually there is still a lot of things I have yet to explore. Like last week, my friends were asking me to go out on photography to Pasir Ris side, while I sort of remember that I have been to Pasir Ris, but I found out that I have not been to the place where my friends brought me to.

Some of you might familiar with this places, the Changi Sailing Club, yes it is a luxury club for those who like to enjoy sailing paradise. There is obviously a lot of foreigner in here and when the time I visit, there is a company holding an event here.

Boat Construction

On the way walking to this seaside, we crossed by Changi Hospital. It has almost quite late in the afternoon and not much people were around that time, which makes this place even more creepy. But still, my friends, who are really into photography, taking a lot of picture of this place. Well, I do not want to talk about this much, making you guys feel creepy :) Though, I think it is interesting to discover such a place, as normally I only heard the rumor about it from my friend.

Anyway, I really enjoy the time here. Just one matter though, I think I really need to buy a real good camera. If some of you might aware, all the picture I am posting in this blog is captured using my personal phone, in precise Samsung Galaxy SII. The quality is quite ok, especially in a bright environment. But still, I would need to edit, to enhance its color, brightness and contrast. I am quite like all the picture that is captured using this phone, but i think, the quality would be much better using the real camera, obviously. :)

To get here, you could ride MRT until Tanah Merah, and then take any bus towards Changi (probably bus no. 2).

Cheers and enjoy!

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