Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hunting The Tintin Shop at Singapore

     Hi Readers!

Do you remember Tintin? Or are you one of Tintin's fan? I still remember reading comics of The Adventures of Tintin. I still even have the old collection of its comics, which is inherited from my cousin that time. Some of you might be not so familiar with Tintin, no problem, you can look into here and here. Recently, one of his adventure stories, which is The Secret of The Unicorn, has been made into a movie (you can see the trailer here). It was a very cool movie, and I thought the movie is more adventurous than the same story in its comics. If you would like to get the original collection of Tintin, or may be just want to get a glimpse of Tintin's collection, you can go to this shop, 'The Tintin Shop', located at China Town area, (56 Pagoda Street, Chinatown MRT, Singapore). You could find lots of the original collection of Tintin, from books, clothes, cards, etc. until the miniature of the characters / stuff inside the story. It's like I am going back to my childhood time!

The Tintin Shop
Tintin & Snowy (Tintin's smart dog) [left], Captain Haddock [right]


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  1. Hihihi thank you for accompanied me to this shop on my last visit to singapore.

    For Tintin fans, this shop would become a treasury chest