Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sunday Brunch (Plus Dinner) at O'Coffee Club

What a nice weekend to spend in home, just sleeping the whole day, relax, watching movie from laptop, to rest for a while after 5 days continuously doing a hard work in office. So, as a result, I skipped my breakfast, and as well my lunch, what a lazy weekend day. And then I thought, how nice it is to go to the CBD (Central Business District) area in Singapore during this time to have a nice brunch and as well as dinner with my sister. As I know, only at this time there is less people and less activity around CBD site. Since there is almost no office activity around this area, practically very less people seen here on the weekends. So, we decided to go around Raffles Place. It was nice to wonder across to open air, it was a rare view in Singapore. Sadly though, some of cafe and restaurant around were also closed at the same time. Luckily, I found this nice cafe at a nice spot of CBD area, still open during weekend.

A Nice and Cozy Cafe
sandwich with bbq chicken, bacon and fried egg [top],
bbq chicken thigh [bottom], ice lychee passion fruit tea [right]

O'Coffee Club is a nice cafe and restaurant, they sell mainly western food and cakes. The price range is quite common for a cafe, around S$ 10 to S$ 20. I was ordering sandwich with bbq chicken, bacon and a fried egg, while my sister was ordering bbq chicken thigh, and our drink were ice lychee passion fruit tea and ice mango earl grey tea latte. Surprisingly we found that the food portion is quite big for that price. For drinks however, we found it quite pricey as it cost around S$ 7. I thought my food portion could fit for 2 persons, not sure is it because I am not a big eater, but I still feel my food is worth the price. I really recommend this place, especially for the breakfast menu which they sell around S$ 8 to S$ 10, and it already served with regular coffee or English Breakfast tea, though it is only available until 11AM. The food is good as usual, I like the bbq sauce in my sandwich that added on top of the bacon, and the fried egg combination in the sandwich that make it tastier, especially when it is combined with the chili sauce. My sister's food looks good as well, though I were not really trying it as I felt my food was already more than enough. :p

You could find this O'Coffee Club is located at 7 Raffles Place, Singapore 048625, it is very near to Raffles Place MRT Station. 

So what's your interesting weekend activity?

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