Friday, September 6, 2013

Dinner at Charlie Brown Café, Singapore

After walking a whole day, what's more interesting than having a dinner at a nice restaurant on a beautiful evening. This time, me and my friend were hunting of this unique cafe with a well-known cartoon character theme concept from Peanuts. Although, I only familiar with one character, Snoopy, a Charlie Brown's pet dog. I wonder how my friend knows all of them. What I thought that eating at this kinda place will be quite pricey, then I saw there is a sign of 'There is NO Service Charge In My Cafe', how cool is that!

Charlie Brown Café  is the first Peanuts Comic Strip themed café in South East Asia. This cafe is decorated with Peanuts characters sculptures and collector’s items. It mainly served American western food. Price range was quite normal, for food it's around S$8 to S$15, for drinks it's around S$4. In the menu I saw interesting decoration for some of the food and drinks, pancake with Peanuts character drawn or coffee latte with Peanuts character drawn from chocolate powder. If only I am a latte lover, I will order that.

I was ordering Black Pepper Chicken Steak which costs about S$13.8. It was a chicken steak with black pepper sauce served with a choice of mashed potatoes, crinkle fries or baked rice. I chose with mashed potatoes to have a lighter feeling. My friend was ordering Charlie Brown's Chicken Wing Rice which costs about S$8.8. It was a chicken wings marinated in some special sauce, served with baked rice topped with a fried egg. Portion is quite normal for us and the food taste is good. I especially like the taste of baked rice from my friend's food. 

Charlie Brown's Chicken Wing Rice [left],  Black Pepper Chicken Steak [right]

This cafe was named based on the main character from Peanuts comic strip, Charlie Brown. He is a lovable guy but dominated by insecurities (source Wikipedia). He is always accompanied by Snoopy, his lovable dog. We could also see each of the Peanuts character drawn on top of each table. You could find this cafe at 313@Somerset Orchard Rd, Singapore (alight at Somerset MRT station).

(P.S. It was really no service charge stated on our meal receipt!)

So, are you able to name all of the Peanuts character?

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