Friday, December 21, 2012

A Great Self-Indulgence at Energy Day Spa

Once upon a time, there was a princess, who were surrounded by her own handmaidens. They were escorting and serving the princess very well, and always made the princess feel as if she was in heaven. And today that princess is me.. :)

Energy Day Spa at Great Eastern Mall, Kuala Lumpur

In this hectic lifestyle, we could get really stressful. Its good to give ourself a break or we could reward ourself with a gift. And I have decided to give myself a treat, a spa and a full body treatment. This is actually the first time I try a spa treatment. As a first timer, I do not want to have a bad experience. So, I did a little research through and I found this from the internet, Energy Day Spa, located at Great Eastern Mall, Kuala Lumpur. It says that what a customer could expect from the treatment here, is not only a beauty but also a positive mind and a great feeling.
"At Energy, you will embark on a new journey of self-reflection and healing - to learn and embrace a new way of life, a life not only of beauty but total wellness: mind.body.spirit. " 

And, it's true :)

Authentically Decorated

The interior design and decoration inside Energy Day Spa looks like a small Bali. It is authentically decorated. The staff's hospitality at Energy Day Spa, not only makes you feel comfortable, but also makes you feel as if you were a princess. As a princess, you are 'entitled' to be served with your own handmaidens. So, I sort of having my own 'handmaidens. From the moment I stepped in, there is a woman-staff who escorts me. She brings me to the changing room, to take out my clothes, change to a bathrobe, and wear a paper underwear. And, by the way, the changing room is supposed to be a sharing room, I guess. But, the good thing is, if there was not much people in a day, they will manage it somehow to only slot one person in the changing room. I feel as if it was my own private changing room.

Changing Room
Changing Room Energy Day Spa Kuala Lumpur

As I have changed my clothes necessarily, the same woman-staff brings me to my first treatment, a steam bath for 10~15 mins. It is basically a sauna, but because I will have it in a private steam room, hence they called it as a steam bath. This is a very first time I try steam bath. It feels weird, but it really has a great after effect.

Private Steam Room

So, after the steam bath, the woman-staff brought me to another private room, to do a full body scrub. Ohh, the skin feels so smooth and sleek afterwards. Finishing with the body scrubbing, for about 30 mins, another lady comes to do the next treatment, which is full body massage for about 45 mins. She massages me firmly, yet also gently. What a great feeling. It really makes me feel so relax.
(ps. I'd never take a picture for that, as it is very private..)
There is a lounge area, facing a small park, and a town view, where we could sit, enjoy the view and just relax, and to drink tea before, during, or after treatment, whenever we want to. I really like the taste of tea that they served there. It has a very nice taste. It's sweet, a bit sour, and there is a bit taste of brown sugar. Whenever we want to refill the tea, we could just ask the woman-staff there who escorts us.

Lounge Area
Lounge Area

Energy Day Spa has a lot of awards. It also featured in lots of article and magazine. I just know that, when I came there. But, with the expirience I had, the service and the hospitality they provide, I am not surprised that they had such a reputation.

Energy Day Spa Featured in The Malaysian Women's Weekly

After finish all the treatment, I feel so great. My body and my mind feels so light from any stress and disruption. My skin is also smooth, even my face skin is also smooth, although I am not doing a facial treatment here. It is probably from the relaxing feeling, that makes my face skin smoother.

All in all, I really recommend this place. It is not that cheap, but definitely worth a price. I wish to bring my mum here, to enjoy for being a one-day queen :)

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