Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas, Christmas (part 2)...!

Hey Christmas, don't be late.. :)

So here we are, at Vivo City. As always, it was very crowded, especially on Friday night -yet I went that day-. They had lots of sales, from chocolates to Christmas decoration. Falling in love with the Christmas decoration, from small knick knacks to a Christmas tree (well, a small size also). As if I was about to bring all to my home, but I couldn't. So, to satisfy my 'needs', I was taking lots of picture instead.

Guess what, that night, there was a fireworks at Vivo City. I think that they were doing a trial for 2013 New Year countdown. The first time, me and my friends were being able to see BIG fireworks from such a near distance...

Have you prepared for Christmas??

Cheers! :)

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