Monday, December 10, 2012

FrancFranc Official Opening at Vivo City

Originated from Japan, FrancFranc has been opening several shops in Singapore. It sells home furnishing products with a modern concept -casual stylish-. A reasonable price as they might say it, well, reasonable does not necessarily mean that it is cheap, but at least the price matches its design and quality. If any of you might know IKEA -originated from Sweden-, FrancFranc Singapore has a different concept in presenting its shops. IKEA Singapore has a homey concept, where it will bring shoppers from one room section to another room section, and at the same time show samples of a room design concept. At FrancFranc, it is also grouped per room sections, but they are more straight forward and does not have a sophisticated room design concept as what IKEA have. In my opinion, if you have such a whole day to shop around, I'll recommend IKEA. It is homey, also you can find the inspiration for your house, based on their room design concept. But, if you does not have much time to shop, FrancFranc would be the best choice, as you could easily find the things you need as compared to IKEA. Believe it or not, sometimes I'll find myself lost at IKEA. In terms of the price rate, it is not so different between them both, not so cheap but reasonable.

And recently, FrancFranc has just opened officially in Vivo City, with a VIP invitation only. My friend has the VIP invitation, and she invites me to come along...


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