Monday, February 4, 2013

Mini Little Town at Legoland

Welcome to Legoland, where you could see other countries in just a day! 

It is located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. So, when you are planning to visit USS Singapore, don't forget to visit  Legoland too. It is automatically under one package, even if you don't want to, you are advised to visit them together in one package, as practically, Johor Bahru is just beside Singapore.You could save some money while travelling to more places. P.S. There is a tour package to go Legoland one day and going back to Singapore at the same day. Enjoy!

Don't Forget to Smile :)

Do you notice there is a small little boat over there..


1. Putrajaya

Our first journey, of course lands on Malaysia, precisely on Putrajaya. A brand new planned city, located 25km south of KL, that serves as the federal administrative center or Malaysia. Even the lake is man made!

Putrajaya Mosque

2. Perdana Putra Building

Our second journey lands on Perdana Putra Building. Office of The Prime Minister and the Federal Government Administrative Centre. The LEGO building is designed in many smaller parts and then assembled to one huge unit

Perdana Putra Building

3. Old Railway Station

Our third journey lands on Old Railway Station. This station is located on the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. A mixture of Eastern and Western design completed in 1910. The architectural style is comparable to Jamek Mosque and Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

Old Railway Station

4. Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Our forth journey lands on Sultan Abdul Samad Building. It is also located in Kuala Lumpur, precisely in Dataran Merdeka. One of the oldest buildings in KL and probably the most photographed in Malaysia. The LEGO version is 7 meter long built in scale 1:20. In front of the building of the Malayan flag was hoisted for the first time in 1957.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building


5. The Fullerton Hotel, and The Merlion

Our next journey, is one and the only Singapore.When you go to the real Singapore, you should go to this spot. Well, the one portrait by the LEGO is not the latest Singapore Landmark, it is the old City Hall type. But I believed, at that time, the view is still very nice.

The landmark for Singapore is the water spitting statue - half sea animal and half lion. The story tells that long ago, Sumatra-king, Sang Nila Utama shipwreck and was washed ashore on an island. There, he met a strange animal, which proved to be a lion. Later he called the island Singapore, which translates to 'lion city".

The Fullerton and The Merlion

Singapore Eye

Singapore River Point, Clark Quay


6. The Forbidden City, China

Our next journey lands to China, to the famous Forbidden City, China. The Forbidden City was the emperor's palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties - that's more than 500 years! The entire palace has more than 980 buildings and covers 720,000 square meters!

The Forbidden City, China


7. Patuxai, Laos

Our next journey lands on Laos. Patuxai is a monument to victory in the center of Vientiane, Laos. It was build between 1957 and 1968. It is made of cement that was originally meant for building an airport.

Patuxai, Laos

8. World Peace Gong

In 2008, the nation of Laos was presented with this gong by the World Peace Committee of Indonesia, in honor of Laotian stability and peace. It was the fourth country to receive the gong, after China, India, and Mozambique.

World Peace Gong

9. Purah Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia

Finally, we had a chance to visit my beloved country, Indonesia, precisely a beautiful island, Bali. Purah Tanah Lot is build on a rock formation on the coast of Bali, Indonesia. It can only be reached at low tide - at high tide, it is an island! A special festival is held at the temple every 210 days.

Purah Tanah Lot, Bali

10. Bolinao, Philippines

Our next journey is Philippines. Bolinao is a thriving fishing town on the coast of Luzon island in the Philippines. In the town center is the Church of St. James the Great, built in 1609. Visitors come to Bolinao to see the colorful fishing boats and visit the beautiful beaches nearby.

Bolinao, Philippines


11. Hoi An, Vietnam

Our next journey is Vietnam. Hoi An is a city in Vietnam on the coast of the South China Sea. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the 16th and 17th centuries, it was a major trading town for Chinese, Japanese, Dutch and Indian merchants. In modern times, tourist come to see the historic buildings and visit the shops and restaurants along the water.


12. Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal, India

13. Category: Random Places

There are some other random places which is interesting to visit.

Throwing Ball Game

 Legoland from above..

Legoland from above, just like a mini city, like those were seen on the map. 'Mini Legoland' at The Legoland :)

The Dragon 

Don't worry, when you pay to visit Legoland, it is not only about a small little city that is worth to see. Though, one day is not enough to only see the mini town area. But don't forget to enjoy the ride as well. They have a various kind of roller coaster, from long to short, from car to train.

Project X

While me and my friend thought that this Project X is a easiest and the most safest-feeling ride among others, yet, this is a scariest ride above all. Well, it still couldn't beat Battlestar Galactica Human & Cylon in USS, but it could beat the rest of the ride in Legoland. It is not a long big roller coaster, on the opposite, it is in small car, and looks as it is a slow ride. But don't be tricked by its look.

Lesson that me and my friend had learned from here: Do not underestimate a small thing..

Lost Kingdom Adventure

It is the nicest and safest-feeling ride among the other. Suggested that you enjoy this ride at the end of your journey. 

Dino Island

Don't get a chance to get wet, as the ride was always under testing when I was visiting there.

The Boat

The Restaurant
The Restaurant

My big inexpensive afternoon dining

Even, the LEGO made Albert Einstein

Reaching the end of our journey, visiting more than 5 countries in a day, oh, probably not even a day, it was less than 8 hours. Me and my friend ended our Legoland journey here with exhaustion, excitement and story to tell :). Something to recommend though, that you follow some tour transportation, to go from here to Singapore, or from here to your Hotel. As that time we were not joining any tour, and only go by ourselves. 
It resulted with a long hour looking for a transportation to go back to our hotel, and finally we have no choice but to take a very expensive taxi.

And, finally its me, in front of Legoland - night scene (please pardon my camera).. :)

Cheers, and Enjoy! :)


  1. hi can i check with you the time spend in legoland and hello kitty land? Is 1 day enuff to walk this 2 theme?

  2. Personally i think there is not much activity for adult at Hello Kitty Land, mainly for sight seeing n take pict. Unless u bring kids, i think one day for both attraction should be ok.. :)
    Early morning go to Hello Kitty Land, then you can start to xplore Legoland after that...

  3. yeayyy finally, my best friend travel blog *hugs*