Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

It was a very bright and sunny day, a perfect day to go out for outdoor and indoor ativity. Especially if you have lil' daughter or niece, it would be a perfect day to ask them go to Hello Kitty Town at Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Ever wonder, where is Johor Bahru located? It is located at the southern part of East Malaysia. Just beside Singapore. From Singapore, you could go from Woodlands or Kranji MRT station, and take any bus that going towards the Singapore Imigration checkpoint, don't worry as there are a lot of bus going towards there. Once we passed through Singapore imigration checkpoint, and then reach Malaysia imigration checkpoint, do not go out from there, as there is a lot of direct bus going towards Hello Kitty attraction as well as Legoland.  

This Hello Kitty attraction is just located beside the Legoland Theme Park. If you read from my previous entry, I was explaining that if you have not been visiting both Legoland and USS Singapore, it would be good to make it in one package, as Johor Bahru and Singapore are so near each other. With its Legoland neighborhood location, make this Hello Kitty Town worth to be slotted in your Singapore holiday schedule. 

FYI, there is a lot of package deal for 2D1N to Legoland and Hello Kitty attraction, and I have compared the price is about the same range with planning the trip individually. So you could opt for this kind of package  instead.

So, follow me!

Hello Kitty House

There is a lot of places to be visited inside the 'Town'. So, on the ticket, they make us help ourselves to make sure we visit all of the places by getting all the stamp from each place. So, the first and foremost, I am visiting one and the only Hello Kitty House. 

When I was going inside this place, it obviously brought back my childhood experience, with a lot of dreams and cute stuffs inside. I only used to see this kind of hello kitty house in miniature size. But this one is big, real, and I was inside it!!

Kitty's Backyard Garden
Purrfect Stage

This is a purrfect stage for Hello Kitty, it was small though to fit in all of Kitty's relatives and families. Every body was waiting in front of this stage, excited about the show.

Purrfect Stage for Kitty's Family

And yeah, finally they come!! The rest of the families were playing outside the stage, so we could get a closer look.. 

Kitty's Family Show

Seeing the cute lil' sista there, she was so shy, even at the end of the show, she was going to cry.. :P

Ouh, don't be shy baby

Hello Kitty Black Wonder

Be prepared when you entering the Black Wonder, its all black and dark. We have a mission to solve all the mystery and puzzles, to save the King and the Queen.

Save the King and The Queen
Everyday is always happy - Pick Your Happy Day

If you ever wonder, there is a lot of Hello Kitty's character presented here, I think almost all of it. You just need to find it.. Happy Looking! :)

And finally, its me, in front of the 'Town'

Cheers and Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the excellent post about Hello Kitty Town Malaysia that enabled me to plan my trip there.

    1. Hi MC, surely, don't forget to visit Legoland as well..!